Welcome to the video page

There are so many great video tutorials on Youtube. Too many to list and link here. So we provided a few for you to look at and subscribe to these sites for updated and new releases.

Cockpit Tutorial

One of many cockpit tutorials 

Armor Build

Check out this great video

Time Lapse Build

Another sample full build video

Multimedia Build

Check out this great video utilizing resin, photoetch and plastic. Dry brushing techniques, pigment use and much more.

Car Build

This video has a great refrence for getting that high gloss finish!

Sci-Fi Build

Adding LEDs and displaying a large scale build.

Diorama Build

D-Day, 13 minutes of this project, simply incredible.

Master Diorama Builds - Water

Explosion/Ocean Wave - Diorama Master Lee Won-hui

Canopy Polishing

How to remove the seam line and it is a also a great source for removing scratches on clear parts.

How to clean your airbrush

Cleaning your airbrush and other tools utilizing an ultrasonic cleaner.

Make you own tools

If you make one, let me know, I want one as well!!